Meet Eugene Hunter Jr…

I tried to go the traditional and culturally acceptable route and got a safe corporate job after college. I was climbing the corporate ladder and things seemed to be moving along just fine. I was working as an FHA DE Underwriter with a large firm, making a cool 6 figures a year.

But I’m one of those people that doing the usual and customary thing runs contrary to the way I’m wired.  I chose the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I’m a serial entrepreneur and have had multiple successful businesses everything from a music studio, to a fencing company. Even though all those businesses were making money for me, I just couldn’t shake the real estate bug. And after I flipped my first property I was hooked. I still look at those before and after pictures of that house and feel the same sense of accomplishment. The house was in a really a quiet suburban neighborhood and the residents were so appreciative that the neighborhood eyesore was no longer a danger to their children. Oh did I mention I made $80,000 in 3 months! I couldn’t get enough.

How did you do that and how can I do it to?

I began getting requests from people who wanted to learn how to achieve the results I had. I took for granted that the things I knew could be very valuable to a beginner, and that many of my peers where also looking to me for advice. They wanted to avoid the trial and error of figuring it all out on their own and to avoid losing their money by making costly mistakes along the way.

When one of my staffers suggested I make myself available to a student to teach my system in a one-on-one learning environment, I accepted and did that very successfully for a period of time.  In the beginning, it was a markedly unstructured learning environment.  Numerous students took advantage of my unorthodox coaching clinics. As I continued teaching students, my teaching methods got increasingly better and the number of requests for personal coaching grew.  My real estate company and my holdings continued to grow.

Torn between a desire to continue investing in real estate and to coach investing students’ eager to tap into my knowledge so they could build businesses of their own. I decided not to choose and I just made room in my life to do both. It became clear to me that while I loved real estate investing, I had a calling to teach others how to successfully navigate the complex world of real estate investing.

I developed a unique curriculum that takes the needs of my students into consideration, I offer both group programs and private one-on-one consulting, I also offer seminars and workshops. I give my personal clients nearly a full year immersion of my guidance, support and advice on real estate investing –10 months of practical hands-on learning.

I’m able to teach everything I have learned about real estate investing and how you can make money.

I have made money in real estate when the market is up, down, or somewhere in between and I love teaching my students how to do the same. This is what I will do for you. Using a Develop, Teach, and Do proven method.

I look forward to playing a part in your success.