Investors Academy Curriculum


Module 1: Building Your Foundation

Apply for a Corporation and what kind you need to protect yourself and your family and t he 3 things you need to secure for your business to position yourself as a credible expert

Module 2: Building Your investment Team

Who you need on your team to get a deal closed including, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Appraisers, Graphic Designers and other professionals you’ll need

Module 3: Finding Buyers

How to get buyers to call you, what to say to when they call and when you see them face to face to close the deal

Module 4: Finding Houses / Sellers

How to find houses(what type of houses/sellers you will need to find, how to market to theses sellers/houses, what to look for when you are in a house , whats the poker face)

Module 5: Lease Agreements / Section 8

What is the correct way to place a tenant in a home( how to fill out a lease agreement the right way, what documents and fees to get from an approved tenant when they sign a lease agreement, how to place a section 8 tenant into a property. How to go through the section 8 inspection, how to evict a tenant.)

Module 6: Doing the Math

Learn the calculations to figure out what the cash back is on all deals, figure out what closing cost is and learn key terms like — LTV, loan amt, and real estate commission.

Module 7: Controlling the Deal (TM)

What is controlling the deal. How to fill out the paper work to make it work, what paperwork goes to the attorney, what paperwork goes to the lender

Module 8: Choosing Your Investment Strategy

How to find and evaluate a property. The Buy Fix and Sell Strategy vs The Buy Fix and Keep Strategy. Plus how to apply for a hard money loan to rehab (flip) a property and how to list the property for sale with an agent or sell it yourself.


  • Each student will also receive all the contracts, documents, forms, and checklists.

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